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Branches - Limited Edition/ Hand Embellished/ Gallery Wrap

$180.00 USD

Hand Embellished Gallery Wrap

"Branches" Hand Embellished Canvas Print.
Reproduction of original artwork by Annette Back.

  • 8 x 8, set of 4
  • ready to hang
  • premium canvas
  • stretched on wooden frame .5" stretcher bars (gallery wrap) 
  • Limited Edition 1/25
  • signed & numbered

For the set of “Branches”, I arranged branch lines in the exact same way on all 4 canvases as their first layer. Then I separated the set and developed each one independently in four different color combination, always using silver as the secondary and highlight color. To clarify, I mixed the chosen color with silver and white to variant degrees to achieve many different shades. I added shades, shapes, leaves, gradations intuitively. All four paintings started out the same but each took on its own mood, constellation and composition. Together they look stunning.