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While growing up in Frankfurt, Germany, Back first explored her artistic abilities when she was just 14. At 17, she and her family shifted to the U.S., where her creative calling led her to School of Visual Arts in NYC and where she completed a BFA. A career in graphic design and later web design ensued, culminating in Back running her own Design Firm for many years. 

In a quest to discover her own true artistic voice rather than catering to the needs of her design clients, Back found herself craving the feeling for a paintbrush in her hand. It was then that Back remembered: remembered her passion for painting, the emotional connection to the brush, the paint and the canvas, the freedom she felt during moments of true expression. She remembered the delight and ecstasy that ensued from a day in the studio and the sense of accomplishment when her own vision comes to life. 

Drawing from current events and personal experiences, Back has a natural desire to tell stories. A composition could be a figure conveying an emotion or moment, a geometrically infused landscape, or the intricate details and beauty of an eye. With her signature style, Back extends the narrative of her composition by including text, photographs, or words.


Back has exhibited at the MvVo AD ART SHOW - OCULUS (NYC), Art Expo NYC, Market Art + Design, Bridgehampton, and Conception Art Show, NYC. She is currently an Artist in Residence at Kunstraum, Brooklyn. She was the sole recipient of the Artist Residency 2022 at Cedar Lakes Estates. Her work is in the private collection of both U.S. and international collectors.



Art Expo 2022
April 2022, Pier 36, NYC

Shockboxx Gallery, No Man's Land (Group Show), Hermosa Beach-CA
March 2022

ExhibiZone, Biafarin Online Exhibition, Love Group Show
February 2022

Las Laguna Art Gallery, Human Faces & Figures (Group Show), Laguna Beach-CA
January 2022 

Conception Art Show, Virtual Group Exhibition
December 2021

Las Laguna Art Gallery, Women in Art, Laguna Beach-CA
March 2021 

Grey Cube Gallery, Portrait Online Art Show
March 2021 

Conception Art Show, Virtual Group Exhibition
December 2020 

MvVo AD ART SHOW at the OCULUS, Westfield World Trade Center
September 2020

LIC ARTS OPEN, Group Show, The Factory, LIC

November 2019 

Into The Art, Group Exhibition, Brooklyn
November 2019

Solo Pop Up Exhibit at Montclair Social Club, NJ
October 2019 

Market Art + Design Bridge Hamptons
July 5-7, 

Conception Art Show, NYC
July 31, 

Pop Up: Art and Shape: Art Exhibit
May 4, 2019

Art Expo 2019
April 2019, Pier 94, NYC



January 2022, Cedar Lakes Estates

February to March 2022,  Kunstraum LLC, Brooklyn