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About Annette Back

Designer by profession, Artist by passion.

I have always been expressive and creative. My parents described me as a constant doodler in childhood. My interest in art and design began to blossom as a teenager in Frankfurt, Germany, where I grew up. At my art studies in Gymnasium, I studied and copied famous artists such as Monet and Magritte. When I was 17 years old, my family and I moved to the New York Tri-State Area throwing me into senior year of high school. Surviving culture shock and the new world, I happily discovered School of Visual Arts. As my mother wisely said: "Artists have to eat too", I decided to major in graphic design as well as study fine art. Graphic Design kept me busy for many years, but 5 years ago it was no longer enough. The painting urge, though never fully gone, had returned strong and bold. I continue to develop my art form and paint mostly in oils. I like to use photos and text that I paint over with layers upon layers of colors, lines, geometric shapes, textures, patterns, and shades. I use many different techniques and interesting color combinations to achieve my vision. Inspirations and ideas come from everything around me, sometimes nature, sometimes a transition in a video, sometimes and old photograph - the face of a child or raindrops. Painting makes me feel happy, at peace and loving life.




Market Art + Design Bridge Hamptons, July 5-7 2019
represented by ArtBlend

Conception Art Show
July 31 
2019, 5:00 pm -9:00 pm
M1-5 Lounge
52 Walker Street



Pop Up: Art and Shape: Art Exhibit
May 4, 2019
165 W 86th Street, NYC

Art Expo 2019