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About Annette Back

Designer by profession, Artist by passion.

I have always been expressive and creative. My parents described me as a constant doodler in childhood. My interest in art and design began to blossom as a teenager in Frankfurt, Germany, where I grew up. At my art studies in Gymnasium, I studied and copied famous artists such as Monet and Magritte. When I was 17 years old, my family and I moved to the New York Tri-State Area throwing me into senior year of high school. Surviving culture shock and the new world, I happily discovered School of Visual Arts. As my mother wisely said: "Artists have to eat too", I decided to major in graphic design as well as study fine art. Graphic Design kept me busy for many years, but 5 years ago it was no longer enough. The painting urge, though never fully gone, had returned strong and bold. I continue to develop my art form and paint mostly in oils. I like to use photos and text that I paint over with layers upon layers of colors, lines, geometric shapes, textures, patterns, and shades. I use many different techniques and interesting color combinations to achieve my vision. Inspirations and ideas come from everything around me, sometimes nature, sometimes a transition in a video, sometimes and old photograph - the face of a child or raindrops. Painting makes me feel happy, at peace and loving life.



Postponed Due to Covid 19

Art Expo 2020
April 23-26, 2020

Spring Crafts at Lyndhurst
May 1-3, 2020



Group Show 

MvVo AD ART SHOW at the OCULUS, Westfield World Trade Center
September 2020

The Factory, LIC
November 2019

Into The Art, Group Exhibition
Curated by Kalin Monet
November 2019

Solo Pop Up Exhibit at Montclair Social Club
Part of Montclair Fall Art Walk
October 2019

Conception Art Show
July 31 2019
M1-5 Lounge
52 Walker Street

Market Art + Design Bridge Hamptons
represented by ArtBlend Gallery

Art Expo 2019