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Expressing myself visually has always been a part of me. My childhood temperament was shy and verbal communication did not come easy. Growing up Jewish in Germany did not help as I was usually careful to speak my mind. I credit this mindset with honing my observation skills and looking at the many layers of a given situation. When creating art, expression can be deliberate, thoughtful and meaningful. 

I create abstract or figurative paintings  - either using oils or acrylics - that tell a story and connect with people’s emotions. My interpretations of nature, shapes and figures are often achieved by transferring photos and text on a first layer, then painting over that with layers upon layers of transparent or opaque colors, lines, geometric shapes, textures, patterns, and shades. I use many different techniques and interesting color combinations to achieve my vision. Inspirations and ideas come from everything around me. They include past memories, present experiences and current events. 

For example, a bunch of flowers strewn on the floor resulted in an geometric exploration of circles and lines that could be interpreted as flowers and their stems, or balloons or a city’s rooftops (“In Dreams”). Robert Doisneau’s famous photograph, “The Kiss by the Hotel De Ville”.  inspired the painting “The Kiss”, which explores each person’s mind as a kiss occurs.  Are they thinking of their past loneliness, of people, watching, or of future loneliness if they didn’t kiss?  Did they experience the spiral of falling in love or of being lost in the moment? What goes in behind the action of a kiss?

My work is a continuation of my personal growth, I am fearlessly exploring different techniques and have a conceptual, bold, colorful approach that flows onto the canvas.