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Annette Back Fine Art

Be A Lady by Annette Back - 48x48

$5,800.00 USD

Be A Lady by Annette Back

Type: original acrylic/mixed media painting on canvas
Size: 48 inches wide x 48 inches high on a gallery style canvas (1 1/2 inch thick). 

This painting was inspired by the poem "Be A Lady They Said" by Camille Rainville.

When I read this, I had an immediate vision. I researched a woman's face with closed eyes, making sure that the image could not be interpreted sexually. I wanted the words to wash over her, starting small on the top and getting bigger as it comes down on the bottom.  I chose colors and textures by experimentation, finally settling on waves and flowing movement to express how we as women are continuously engulfed by neverending messages.

This is an original painting (not a copy or print) and is signed & dated by the artist. The sides are painted and stapled on the back. The painting will be carefully and professionally packed and shipped within two business day upon receipt of payment.